Hot Springs

Soak in the Mineral Hot Springs Pools at the Saratoga Resort and Spa
and Feel 10 Years Younger.

hotPool-roofShotSaratoga’s Mineral Hot Springs, the “Place of Magic Waters”

Native American tribes were the first to discover the healing advantages of the natural mineral hot springs, naming the area the “place of magic waters”. The incredible high mineral content and low sulphur odor continues to attract visitors today.

Our guests are invited to soak in intimate teepee-covered pools and a 70-foot mineral hot springs swimming pool after an active, adventurous day in Wyoming’s great outdoors or as a prelude to one of our soothing spa treatments in the Healing Waters Spa.

Please note: The hot pools at the Saratoga Resort and Spa are available exclusively to our guests and members only.

*Teepee covered private pools are available on a first come basis, we do not reserve them.

*Robes are available for a fee of $5 per stay per robe. Robes are available in the suites at no extra charge.

*Our large swimming pool is closed on Tuesdays from 7am-5pm for weekly cleaning.  The small hot pools are cleaned intermittently throughout the day, but remain open except during cleaning.

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